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An approximate listing of (mostly) Indian concert dates. An attempt has been made to cover most of India, which isn't an easy job, so don't expect 100% accuracy or coverage. If any band personally wants to inform of their confirmed concert date(s), just shoot an email to metaltoto@yahoo.com
Know your dates!

Thermal & A Quarter play a show called "Make Music, Not War" at Trans-Indus, an eco-village off Kanakpura Road, Bangalore on Saturday 5/4/2003, 9 PM onwards. They will be playing with John Devraj & The Gondwana Band, Ashwin Mathew & Friends, Synapse, Zebediah Plush, Kamaan Gail Hart and Ganesh (?). Tickets are priced at a mere Rs. 100 availabe at Pecos and Habitat. Visit www.thermalandaquarter.com for map and details.
The monthly Sunday Jam at The Club, Bangalore takes place on Sunday 6/4/2003. Confirmed playing are Bhoomi and Shrapnel.
Zero and Acquired Funk Syndrome play Zwiggs, Powai, Bombay on Sunday, 6/4/2003, 9:30 PM onwards. For passes contact the Bombay Rock Assosiation at 022-24361623.
Network of Sparks, and internation ensemble featuring Pete Lockett (Peter Gabriel, Nitin Sawhney, Texas, AR Rehman), Nana Tsiboe (Paul McCartney, Marvin Gaye) and Simon Limbrick will be playing with Indian classical percussion maestro Selvaganesh and Sharat, Neil and Sukriti from Mrigya at Musical Academy, Chennai on Monday 7/4/2003 and St. Andrews Audiotorium, Bandra, Bombay on Saturday 5/4/2003. Contact the British Council for passes (9111-2371-1401).
Pentagram perform at the Bandra Kurla Complex, Bombay on Saturday 12/4/2003. Entry is free.
The grand-daddies of rock n' roll, The Rolling Stones play India in April! They play Palace Grounds, Bangalore on 4/4/2003 and Braborne Stadium, Bombay on 7/4/2003. Tickets are priced at Rs. 500, 1000 and 1500 (2000 in Bombay).
Joe Satriani, one of the greatest guitar players to walk this planet, plays India in May. He will play Speedzone, Bangalore on 9/5/2003 and Rang Bhavan, Bombay on 11/5/2003.

Gurudarshan Somyaji (Bangalore)
Sahil Makhija (Bombay)
Kunal Kakodkar (Bombay)
Sushant Shreeram (Madras)